Project Costs

Under the Project Costs tab, the screen does not display costs; yet, under “More…”, the costs are retrievable; Estimated, Actual and Earned.

Why do costs not appear under the Project Costs tab but do under the “More…”–>Summary–>Project ?

Have you built the project analysis yet?

I don’t know; that’s not my role-responsibility.

You need to run a project analysis for your project to get it to show cost.

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Open the project via Project Entry, click actions at the top, build project analysis. Then refresh the project view and it should show you the costs.

Edit: This may take about a minute or so for the build to finish.

Edit 2: Try not to go crazy on building projects during production hours. This can bog down the system/reports if you run a bunch at once.

Hello Howard,

Do you ship items to customers on projects?

Mark W.

Open project entry
Select the project
Actions > Build project analysis


Under “Actions” there is no “Project Analysis” option, only “Retrieve Transactions”

You’re in the tracker. You need project ENTRY

THe screens are much different in PROJECT ENTRY !!!

Thanks, got-it!