Project Milestone Billing does not pull costs into the invoice

We are starting to explore using Milestone billing for Projects. We do not own the Project Billing license/module

Steps taken:

  1. Create new milestone
  2. Create new Selection Criteria of Fixed Date (and enter date)
  3. Check “Billing Required,” enter a linked sales order line.
  4. On Billing tab - Select Type “Cost To Date” and enter Markup percents.
  5. Flag milestone as complete.
  6. In invoice entry, select “Get - Milestone Billing”
  7. The invoice is created for the correct SO Line, but does not pull any costs in.

Is there something I am missing? Everything else looks fine, just missing costs.
Thanks in advance!

Did you run Build Project Analysis on the Project first?

Hi Mark,
Thank you for the reply! I hadn’t run Build Project Analysis when I sent my initial email. However, I just ran it and then generated the invoice and it still came in with zero dollars. Any other ideas?

Do you see costs in the Project Tracker? First check to see if there’s no costs then see if it’s an invoicing problem.

@Mark_Wonsil we do have costs in the Project Tracker. It works if we select a Type of “Fixed Amount” and then enter a value in the ProjectMilestone.BillingAmount field, but not if we use the markup labor/burden percents.

If you’re trying to do Cost Plus, then you’re going to need the Advance Billing module I believe.

@Mark_Wonsil that’s what I fear as well. I know the whole Contract - Project Billing Invoicing tabs have a LOT of options and they are all grayed out since we don’t own Project Billing. I was hoping this would work since the Milestone - Detail tabs all appear to be available for use.

I might submit a ticket with Epicor Support just to clarify.

Anyway, I appreciate you taking the time to help!

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