Public Cloud Email Outage - Anyone still have issues after reported resolution of Incidents 319278 & 319303

Anyone else on Public Cloud still have email issues after reported resolution from Epicor of Incidents 319278 & 319303? We have had a case open (unanswered) since they reported resolved around 2PM CT on 2/21/2022 and have proceeded to escalate it this morning as our BPM, Global Alert, and APR emails are all failing.

I sent in a case for the same issue as they requested.

Never had this problem with Quick Books. Hmmm…

Why is setting up email so difficult for the Cloud?

Turns out they implemented domain authentication which was not a requirement preivously. Got our DNS records updated and we are getting emails again

From our case:
“Domain authentication has being suggested since begginings of 2021. Some customers were still able to send emails without completing it but due to some changes sender domain authorization is now required.”


I love that- “you were told that it was recommended- oh by the way, now you have to.”

Nothing like a fire drill early in the week. Lucky we had both push and pull sources for internal workload though the accounting team was not too impressed they had to work extra hard on invoicing given this also affected APR workflow emails.

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I can imagine the frustration.

It should have never been a recommendation. It was a change to close a very large security hole in the cloud.

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I agree! Should have been conveyed as required! Just sucks to see it happen without the forewarning.

That’s life though. I totally understand the need to fix it and not allow the capability any longer. Epicor has an obligation to do that.