Purchase Order Status = "M"

While running a BAQ for status of purchase orders, I’m seeing some with a status of “M”. Help gives a good description of a lot of other types of status, but I don’t see one referring to an “M” status.

It’s probably something stupid I’m missing, but does anyone know what this status means?


Randy are you asking about PO Approval Status?
We just stumbled upon some POs where the UI showed they were in Pending Approval Status, but the PO Approval module did not list these POs. These POs somehow fell into a Manually Unapproved state and checking the box for pending did not push it into a Pending approval status (even thought the UI showed Pending Approval). Could it be “Manually Unapproved” status?

Hi Ben,

I will have to take a look and see. It could be, but not what I was expecting. Thanks for the insight. I saw the “M” and it just didn’t make any sense. It could very well be that. Just strange. lol