Purchase Orders - Track down who changed comments

I have a BPM that will track multiple changes to a Purchase Order. IT works for all things except for the comment fields. We have had several PO’s where the comments were altered after the creation and we are trying find out the who so we can find out the why.

@richgibbons can you provide a few more details:

  1. Version
  2. Which Comment field (POHeader or PODetail)
  3. BPM Details, such as Data or Method Directive and maybe a screenshot of your BPM Design?


  1. Version is 10.1.600
  2. I am trying to get for both

Thank you in advance for you efforts

Do you only track the PODetail table? What about the POHeader table?

Even if the comments themselves weren’t tracked, a user would need to un-approve the PO to make changes. Then re-approve it. You should see that in the log.

We do PO header, PO Detail, and PO Release

So on the Change Log window you see all three tables listed?


(We only track Header and Detail changes)

You are correct but would it tell you what they changed?

Perhaps you can add BPM to send an email to you when someone change the comments so that you can find what is happening in future.

Hi Rich,

We have changelog tracking on PO comments fields, per example below. I wonder if you have something wrong in your data directive. Are you using an in-transaction data directive on the tables? The field is called Comment text in both the POHeader and PODetail data.



Sorry it has take n so long to get back to you. This did help me. I had it set the way you mentioned, but since it was a BAM, that did not convert from Vantage 8 it did not work. I deleted it and redid it and it works. The other thing I did , I forgot to enable the the BPM when I was done.

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