Purchase Order Line Comments

Why am I not able to edit PO Line Comments on a PO that’s not approved?

Rather, why is it telling me the PO is approved when it isn’t?

The field in question is PODetail.CommentText.


@Matthew_Morgan How did this PO get unapproved? There is a flag Approve and a field ApprovalStatus U or A that have to both be set if you are doing it in a bpm or code.

It gets unapproved by un-checking the Approved box in PO Entry:

I was able to make updates to the Header data, through both the module and an updatable BAQ for a dashboard we want to deploy. In the module, once the changes are made and saved, the Approved box is checked once again.

Were any of the lines received?

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@Doug.C Not quite sure exactly about received, but some lines are open, and some are closed, and that doesn’t appear to make a difference.

@gpayne You’re referring to these two fields?

Why does one change and not the other? And must the Approval Status be changed only via BPM or customization?

@Matthew_Morgan Yes those. Your image shows them out of sync.

I have not done a trace in a long time, but I would bet that the client sets them both when you check or uncheck approved in PO entry.

All of my bpms and ubaqs do them together.

Yes, that’s what made the difference, thanks!