Quantity adjustment through a BPM

We have a process BPM that is triggered off a part transaction type that adjusts the quantity for the part and adjusts in another quantity for another part.

The BPM works, as the qty is adjusted and the unit cost fields are populated.

However, the extended cost field always comes in blank.

Tried a in transaction data directive to force that value, but it never gets called when doing the qty adjustment from the other BPM.

Any ideas? This has never worked for us in 10, but was fine in 9.

I’m curious about the business reason behind this. If I need to “change” one part for another, I prefer to do it through a job. It gives everyone a nice audit trail and the costing is clean. Quantity adjustments are a symptom of some kind of systemic problem like theft, poor inventory control, etc.

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Are you using the correct business objects to do the adjustment transaction? Have you run a trace log to see what other BOs are run when doing this with a manual transaction? You might be missing one of the BOs that is normally called.

Yes, we did the trace and are calling the same bo.
Business reason is that we could run it through a job, but the coding was far more intense to create a job and process it than inventory adjustments: 1 transaction vs. 6. however, that may be our fallback if we cannot get this to send the proper cost.

Essentially, we buy part A, it gets cut into 5 other part numbers at receiving. Processing a job manually for this is cumbersome overhead, so inventory adjustment was determined to be an adequate approach. We have designated a specific reason code to eliminate these transactions from any inventory analysis

If it’s always 1-5, QuickJob with backflush, you’re down to 2 or 3 transactions with accurate costing. Tim could probably do it in a BPM. :wink:

Or use Kanban Receipts. This would be less steps than Quick Job Entry.
You could set up Alternate Methods if the quantity is not always 5 or different parts are cut.


You can try Kanban for the 5 parts created. All the entries will be done in one step.

Vinay Kamboj

Hi ANdrew,

I know, old post-did you ever solve the issue of ‘extended cost’ not populating in the ‘part tran’
after doing a ‘qty adjustment’ using a BPM? Same issue here.
I am (almost) positive I am calling all the BO’s I see in the trace, we are on 10.2.600 +.