Queue Time Between Ops

Hello Everyone,

We are running Vantage 8.03.305K and I am trying to begin scheduling jobs. I have noticed that in MRP suggestions for jobs, it looks at the due date, then backs off production time, set up time, days out (for outside vendors), and then any receive/ lead time associated with the part or class. It does NOT seem to be backing off the queue time or move time I have assigned to the resource groups, which is a big problem.

Because of this, I am not getting realistic due dates printed for each operation on my job traveler, and planning is a nightmare. I read suggestions to use operations in between operations with standard costs assigned to zero dollar set up hours, but this seems like a difficult and time consuming process to do for each and every part. Does anyone know why does queue time not work as expected, or have a suggestion on how I can fix this? Thanks in advance for any help,