Quick Ship FedEx Freight form printing issue

Good afternoon everyone,

We are testing the various carriers and shipment types and have run into an interesting problem with our Quick Ship environment (v5.3) and Epicor (10.2.300.5). Seems when we freight a shipment using FedEx Freight, the label prints correctly, but the forms printer spits out hieroglyphics. Checking the PrintJobs/Archive folder, I see a FedEx Freight PDF along with BOL files. I’ve seen this type of issue with PDF printing years ago, but I’m able to print the PDF file without issue from the server running QuickShip. Not sure how the files are printed when the pack is freighted vs printing the PDF directly in windows. I’m able to print BOL without issues right from Quick Ship which is why I’m leaning toward something related to the PDF print. Anyone seen something similar?

I have also tried 2 different printers and have the same exact results (HP and Brother).

Any help would be greatly appriciated,