Quick test that email settings are correct?

Any way to quickly test that the email settings in Company Maint. are correct (and working)?

I built a BPM that send an email, then displays a message. Message displays, but email is nowhere to be found.

I’m using the same email settings (smtp server & port) that our V8 installation uses (which works just fine).

Any thoughts?

Is your BPM configured to send the email synchronously or asynchronously? If E10.0 you need to submit the BPM action process to a schedule to process async BPMs.

Do you have more than zero records in Ice.AlertQue? AlertQue is where outgoing emails that are processed server-side from Epicor are queued before being sent. In all E10.x versions, a data directive BPM on ICE.AlertQue is needed as that replaces the “global alert email server process” of earlier versions. The instructions on how to create that data directive BPM on AlertQue is available in the Application Help (I search for alertque to find it quickly)

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Another way to test if the email settings are correct without creating a BPM in E10.1 is to send a report via email (assuming you have server-side printing enabled on the Company record).

For example,

  1. Navigate to Financial Mgt > General Ledger > Reports > Book listing.
  2. Click Print button on toolbar and select Server Printer.
  3. Click on the E-Mail tab and populate the appropriate fields then click OK.

That being said, I completely agree that having a Test Email button on the Company record to test the email settings instead of needing to create a temporary BPM on ABCCode.update (or your BO of choice) or send a report vi email would be helpful, so I’ll be happy to submit an enhancement SCR for that :smile_cat:

Did you create a receive connecter on your mail server to allow emails from the new E10 server?

Problem has been resolved.
The computer acting as a Relay wasn’t setup to acccept mail from the E10 server, just the V8 server.