Quote Entry - Production per Machine

My company is a service oriented company, not a true manufacturing company. So in Quote Entry, they want to change the StdFormat for the Quote operations from “pieces per” to “sq. in. per”. In the process of this I am also requested to create an “Attributes” tab like in Part Entry, to define the dimensions of the material to work on. This tab will calculate the total surface area which would somehow replace the QuoteOpr.ProdStandard value with the formatting be sq. in. per min or hour.

I am trying to keep this within the system, so to biggyback on the Worksheet total burden Cost and add my calculations into that cost.

Has anyone seen an adjustment like this? Do you even think it is possible?

I am wondering if being a service oriented company is to large of a divide from a manufacturing company to work with this software.

Do you use the Product Configurator Dan?

I previously worked for a printers and used product configurator to build quotes.
We built the operations up on a basis of fixed hours which were proportionate to the SQM of material required to print the job.

The roll length and width of the materials to be printed on were entered in part entry, (part height and part width)

By entering the details about the job to be printed in configurator, the quote would populate with the amount of material required to print the job and the hours required for each operation in total.

We worked out our own calculations to input into Epicor by analysing how many hours an operation had taken over many various jobs and divided those hours by the square meterage being produced for each job - and then we add some set up and buffering time.

E.g. to print a 250 sqm job would take 15 mins set up time per operation
plus a time ratio
Operation 1 would take fixed 0.25 hours per 100 sqm plus 0.25 hours set up time
Operation 2 would take fixed 1.5 hours per 100 sqm plus 0.25 hours set up time

They don’t want to use the Product Configurator, I think because it seems to complicated. @KMenz, is your example all from the Configurator? The struggle I am having is the unit of measurement. It seems like all of the rates are standardized to some form of pieces to time. I see that you actually have sqm as a UOM. How did you do that?

I probably haven’t best explained the UOM, we purchased by LMTR and issued stock by LMTR or sheet. We made each partnum on the fly for each job, had configurator populate the job’s total sqm in the job’s part description and could report on it.

Have you looked at the uom conversions in the part set-up?

This could be achieved through customization on the quote screen. You can associate a UD table with some new attribute fields and then have the text fields/drop downs binded to those. That way you can still run reports/record that information.

For worksheet total burden cost piggybacking it would be probably some sort of BPM that updates the worksheet costs fields using your custom Attributes screen fields. I’m not sure exactly what methods are used in the worksheet section of quote entry - but it does look like this would be a challenge

A Product Configurator may be helpful for you as well, but that could get even more complicated since you’d need it to write/update to UD fields and what not (unless this is simpler then what I think it would be)

Edit - For the UOM stuff (I’m not experienced in this part at all) but wouldn’t it be something like this -

Then on the part level -


There’s probably additional setup required for the UOM class to be correct but I think that’s kind of the path you would go down… And as long as the parts have the UOM as Sqin then when you bring in the part in Quote Entry it will default to that

@Caleb323, you are on the right track on what I believe is the complexity of this task. I think the Attributes tab in the Quote Entry will be fairly simple and straight forward. My quoters want to add more criteria to the dimensions and also the possibility of multiple dimensions per part. All of that seems doable.

Now regarding the UOM, the quote Line’s Product Standard does not use the standard UOM class. It looks like a predifined option set. Here is the description of the “StdFormat” field.

Qualifier for the Production Standard field. The valid qualifiers are:
“HP” - Hours/Piece, “MP” - Minutes/Piece, “PH” - Pieces/Hour,
“PM” - Pieces/Minute, “OH” - Operations/Hour,
“OM” - Operations/Minute, HR - Fixed Hours.

So I need to figure out how to piggyback that field to alter the calculations done by the worksheet tab. Almost the entire tab are calculated fields.

I noticed that and concluded that it would add quite a bit of complexity - like you were saying.
Good luck!