Ready To Fulfill - New Functionality?

Is the ready to fulfill checkbox on Order Entry a new feature?

I notice it is not here on 10.0.700.4.

If it is new, was the order appearing in the fulfillment workbench when ready to process was checked or did it appear as soon as the order releases were released.

In short, how was this working before this check box was introduced?

It is simply a new step in between.

@Jason_Woods what was the behavior before though, was the system treating it as if the checkbox was checked?

Essentially, yes.

The reason I ask is that we don’t have any use for the newly added “feature” and I would like to treat it as it was before.

With that said, would the new process be when selecting ready to process also select ready to fulfill? Could we just default it in company config Sales>Order option?

Yup. Just like Ready To Process.

We currently do not have ready to process checked in company config…

With that said, do I now need to tell anyone in order entry to mark both check boxes (ready to process and ready to fulfill)?

Or, can I just mark ready to fulfill in company config and they can carry on as usual and only mark ready to process? My next question is, does this flow the same way as it did before this feature was created…

If you set the field on Company Config, that will be the default when a new Order is created. It can be unchecked or re-checked on the Order if needed. Once that field is checked, it will be available to fulfill.

Just going to ask one more time in other words, was Ready to Process handling this before?

No. Ready To Process was only for taxes.

Thanks Jason.

Ready to Process & Ready To Fulfill have often been confused with each other… reason is because we used to only have one (ready to process) and people often used that for other purposes than it was originally intended. Ready to Process has always meant “ready to calculate sales tax”.
Ready to Fulfill was added to support the fulfillment workbench. What was happening, was:

  1. Order Entry people were entering a 50 line item ship-from-stock order… 5:00 PM - time to go home, and only 20 of the lines are entered.
  2. Next day… Shipping 6:00 AM went into the fulfillment workbench, and search for orders that had %100 fulfillment… the 20 line item order pops up as 100% fulfillable, so they release it for picking.
  3. 8:00 AM, Sales goes in and enters the balance of the order… Whoops… some of those items are not available in stock yet… BUT…
  4. When shipping gets done picking the 20 lines… they go out the door.

So… the “ready to fulfill” allows the sales team to leave it “NOT” ready to fulfill… thus hiding it from the fulfillment workbench until they are done entering the order.


And if you track Bookings, it doesn’t happen until this is checked, which makes sense because that’s when you’d want to calculate taxes too.

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Tim thank you so much for the additional clarification. I had a feeling this was the case and that is why they created this new feature, I just hadn’t had the time to go in and play around with it to verify.

Is there anything else this impacts though, just the fulfillment workbench?

It has no impact on MRP, etc?


Thanks Mark!

When I first spotted this field I was really hoping it would also prevent PO Suggestions/demand being created until such time that it was ticked but sadly it wasn’t to be.

Well Dave, that is what I was kind of wondering too. Thanks for sharing.

Ironically, I tested this yesterday as well. It seems to make sense for our process that if it the order is not ready to process, it shouldn’t be driving demand yet. Apparently you have to uncheck the “firm” checkbox on the line to ignore suggestions

Thats an interesting one, I hadnt tried the “firm” checkbox so in actually fact we could create a couple of BPMs to default “Firm” to false on all lines as and when added and then another to set “Firm” to TRUE when ready to fulfil is set

Be sure to update those fields using the Business Object. Otherwise you won’t be updating all the tables associated.