Receipt Entry - Received but PO not closed

Are there any known instances where a PO is received complete but the PO does not close? We saw an instance where the PO was received but the PO did not automatically close. Any possible thoughts to why a PO would not automatically close upon receipt?

Double check that it was actually received, and not just “Arrived”.

And was there anything special about the PO (Misc charges, Inspection required, Drop Ship, etc…)?

Finally, check the change logs (or PO tables) to see if it was possible re-opened after receipt.

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Would any of those “special” things about the PO cause it to not automatically close upon receipt? From what I see it was for a Job Subcontract. I’m trying to what those special instances are and test.

They do not have change logs set up to see if it was re-opened.

I can’t say exactly what actions close out a PO (or just the PO Line/Release) for the various types of purchases. Maybe PO’s for sub-con lines require AP invoicing first?

Is the inspection required flag set on the PO? If so, the PO would not close until the Inspection is complete and the item has moved onto the job.


Just checked and the PO line is marked for Inspection Required. I see it in the Inspection Dashboard with 0 passed qty. So they need to finish inspecting it and what do they need to do to move it onto the job? At what point would trigger it to close the PO?

Separate from the Inspection discussion, the normal flow is related to the Qty received. If I order 10, but receive 9 then the “Received Complete” checkbox on Receipt Entry stays unchecked, and the PO remains open - it is awaiting the remaining 1.

Now, if I know that I only get 1 drop and no more from a supplier, I can get my user to tick “Received Complete” on the line receiving 9, and this will also close the PO.

My live example of this is a tanker load of cream - we order 28,000 litres. If the tanker only contains 27,985 litres then that is complete. They won’t bring another 28,000 litre tanker in with the remaining 15 litres… :laughing:

The order qty was 1 and they received complete 1 which completes it.


Once the inspection is done, if Passed the items will move into the job and the PO will close. If Failed, the items will move into DMR and the PO will stay open (you have not received any good parts).

During DMR if you pass them they will pass to the job and the PO will close. If you fail them (scrap), the PO will remain open and you can do an RTV (Return to Vendor) and create a Debit Memo.


Thanks, we will review the inspection process. How does the Inspection Required checkbox get enabled in the first place? Is it done on the Part, etc.?

Supplier, PO, PO Receipt.

I don’t remember a flag on the part, but it could be there.

does any one have a document that supports this process when a part gets received in but still has to go inspection and at what point it closes the receipt. Thanks. This process makes sense to me just need some supporting documentation.

The quality documentation.

In 2021.2.9, the PO Line will be closed at the time of the Failed inspection reporting the Nonconformance, and before any DMR disposition. In our case, the Receipt record is marked to receive as Complete, per default system behavior on the receipt entry.

We are discussing whether to raise a Case on this one. We feel like the PO Line should remain open until the DMR is dispositioned, otherwise you get MRP telling you to buy, before the material review is complete. The system probably needs to let the entire material review process, play out, before taking its own actions. Obviously, potential reach-around of spinning up a rework job to contract labor to the supplier would help, but seems like unnecessary processing when the material review process is already there.


Check the respective part class, where you have inspection required check box enabled.

We’ve been using the inspection required box for years, and the PO got closed at the time of receipt…always. Recently, in the last few days, this changed. Now an automatic receipt will not happen like we want it to. How did this change?

One place to check is here, but that would be an change by someone. Also a bpm could be blocking it accidently.

  1. Navigate to System Setup>Company/Site Maintenance>Company Configuration, go to [Modules/ Materials/ Purchase] tab

  2. At the [Purchase Order Releases] section, you will find 3 options in the [Close Release At] drop down list: Arrival, Receipt and Invoice. Select the one which meet your business operation: