Weird situation with PO receipts and inspection

I’m not sure how this happened, nor am I cognizant of the steps that led to this situation…

We have a PO where lines 1 and 5 were not checked for inspection, and lines 2-4 were. Lines 2-4 have been handled properly, but lines 1 and 5 are untouchable. They were received into inventory, yet the transaction shows PUR-INS. The inventory quantity did not change, and we cannot find them in inspection to process. The receipt does not have Inspection Required checked … if I try to unreceive them, it states that you can’t unreceive items that have been inspected.

I have submitted a support ticket and I think they are running out of questions on their script. The bin they were received into is nettable, but evidently one part of the system thinks they are in inspection while the other thinks they are not.

Does anybody have any ideas or tricks that I might be able to try?

Few questions:
What was the Receipt Date you booked the lines for inspection in on Receipt Entry? Are they not available on the Inspection Processing screen at all under PO Receipts?
Do they show when you’re in Part Tracker under Part Locations > Inspection?

So receipt entry thinks they’ve been received to inspection AND that the inspection has completed?

Can you normally un-receive a part that is in inspection, but not yet inspected?

Does the “Inspection Required” flag on order entry normally stay checked even after inspection is complete?

Just for shits-n-giggles - have you tried re-opening the PO and changing those lines to Inspection Required, then try to un-receive them.

  1. Receipt date for all lines were 11/4.
  2. They are not available on the Inspection Processing Screen
  3. They do not show up under Part Locations->Inspection on the tracker.

If they are supposed to be inspected, you cannot un-receive.

These lines were not flagged for inspection, but that’s the transaction they got. It’s really weird.

Well, through the magic of a UBAQ, they are inspected and in stock.

It seems the only thing that was missing was the InspectionPending flag.