Reference UD table/values on order form

So our sales department wants a drop-down field that they can select why type of shipping billing type it is. They are wanting a table where they can add new values easily. I have created a New Menu using UD02 and I am able to store ship bill types in this table. I have also created the EpiUltraCombo on the order entry screen. How do I get that combo box to use values from the UD02 table? I have attached screenshots of the UD02 table, order entry screen, and Customization tool for the specific field I’m struggling with.

Hi Luke,

You could use UserCodes rather than using up a UD table.
If you want to know how to do this I can dig out the info.



Sure I am willing to look at any possible solutions.


Add your user code values:

then in your combo box make sure the following are filled out:

You want to use the EpiCombo box, not the EpiUltraCombo.

That solved my problems. We had a consultant use and epiUltraCombo on a previous customization and it was similar to this and was trying to make that work but was a lot easier with the combo box. Thanks.