Refresh QOH from PartTran - no records to be updated, but there are


Have read through the many posts on this topic, but none fits my situation.

We have one part (there may be others, but this is more about the process) where the QOH in PartTracker (both bin and warehouse) is one number and the Running total from Part Tran Hist is another. Part Tran Hist is correct (verified by physical count). Part Tran History running total is greater by about 130,00 units.

So, I ran the Refresh PartBin QOH Report Only and it found no records.

Anyone have thoughts on where to go next?

And… just to add to the fun: Between this morning and this afternoon, the Bin QOH has decreased again with no corresponding Part Tran record.

The quantity decrease today was for the same amount as a shipment yesterday, but that shipment was already included in the Part Tran.

Someone somewhere (cannot find the posting) mentioned that transactions sometimes get delayed. Is there a place to look for those.

This part is NOT non-stock and IS quantity-bearing.


That’s kind of unsettling…

Do you have a BPM that might be causing this?

Generally I am a believer in PartTran, as I have argued recently…

But you’re seeing PartBin change erratically?

I did see that post.

Just found out that the person doing our shipping is checking as “shipped” items that will not ship until tomorrow or Thursday. I think both those shipments can account for the difference.

What is weird is that she did the same thing last week and I did see that future-dated transaction in Part Tran Hist but the two from today are not there.

I am tempted to unship them and see if the bin inventory matches Part Tran.


Thanks. Will BAQ these and see what I can see. Hope they are there.

When a packer is created, the user can specify a future date. Marking it SHIPPED will create a parttran record with a sysdate of today, but the trandate will use the date on the packer.

I believe the Part Tran Tracker has a cutoff that defaults to today. So that packer wouldn’t show unless the cutoff date was adjusted.

The million dollar question is, “when is PartBin updated?” The instant the packer is marked shipped, or by some other process that happens when the TranDate is reached?

When the order is shipped (in the system, which may or may not be in reality), it moves into the “picked” category Part Qty.

If we are just looking at Part Tracker, the inventory is decremented once it has been picked.

Will look tomorrow for the Part Tran transaction. It was odd that over the weekend I could see Monday’s transaction in Part Tran but that today I cannot see tomorrow’s.

I could not find these tables when trying to BAQ them… but the answer was future-dated shipments. Why she did that, I have no idea.

And just to close the loop – the Refresh QOH did not find any record to update because it knew about the future-dated transactions and I did not (at the time).

I am hopeful that everything will be back in synch on Thursday, when the second future-dated shipment goes.

Thanks all.

Been there also. Sorry I didn’t think of that.

I’ve had transactions in 2107 (not 2017). That is an annoyance of PTHT, that it cuts off at “today.”

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