Release a Job by BPM on Updatable BAQ


I am trying to release a Job from an updatable BAQ but I always get an error: “Change Description is required”
I need to modify a JOB from a BAQ Updateable and that when saving it is marked as released

I had used some BO Methods but none works well.

foreach (var ttResultsRow in ttResults.Where(row=> row.Unchanged()))
  var JobHead = Db.JobHead.Where(row=> row.Company == CompanyID && row.JobNum == ttResultsRow.JobHead_JobNum).FirstOrDefault();
  if (JobHead != null)
    JobHead.JobNum = ttResultsRow.JobHead_JobNum;
   var JobSvc = Ice.Assemblies.ServiceRenderer.GetService < Erp.Contracts.JobEntrySvcContract > (Db);
            Erp.Tablesets.JobEntryTableset JobData = new Erp.Tablesets.JobEntryTableset ();
            JobSvc.GetNewJobAudit (ref JobData, JobHead.JobNum, BpmFunc.Now()); 
            JobData.JobAudit[0].ChangeTime= 22222;
            JobSvc.ChangeJobHeadJobEngineered (ref JobData);
            JobSvc.Update (ref JobData);


Hi Saul,

There’s a checkbox in company configuration called prevent changes on engineered jobs. Have you considered unchecking this to see if your updateable query works then?


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Hi Nancy,

I can’t uncheck it because that is a condition of the company.
I removed the check to test and the error continues


Hi Saul,
Did you ever get this to work? I’m running into the same issue.

@LMMoser here is mine that works. I had to add the ValidateJobDuomAttributes to get it to happen in my version.

EDIT: To @Nancy_Hoyt’s point I do not have Prevent Changes or Create Audit Log set. I can try that in test to see if it fails.

Ice.Diagnostics.Log.WriteEntry("In Release Job " + jobNum.ToString());
     Erp.Tablesets.JobEntryTableset ds = new Erp.Tablesets.JobEntryTableset();

     ds = job.GetByID(jobNum);
    // ds.JobHead[0].JobEngineered = true ;
    // ds.JobHead[0].JobReleased = true ;
    job.ValidateJobDuomAttributes("JobReleased", jobNum, true, true);
     ds.JobHead[0].JobReleased = true ;
     ds.JobHead[0].RowMod = "U";
     job.ChangeJobHeadJobReleased(ref ds);
     job.Update(ref ds);
     ttr.JobHead_JobReleased = true ;

@gpayne beat me to it :slight_smile:

Calling wrong BO.