Reminder for ALL users

I just wanted to welcome the 20 or so new people and companies to the group.

Just some quick simple rules for EVERYONE to adhere to:

1) Please put the version of vantage/Epicor you are on in either the subject line or in the body of your email.

This group is helping people on versions as old as version 4 and there are a lot of differences between these versions.

Especially with Epicor 9, make sure you show which version and patch level you are on!

2) Despite being helpful with everything Epicor, we also help with a lot of tech topics, job opportunities, etc. Please be advised that if you want to post something like this that you put OT in the subject line before your subject.

Some of us are touchy about certain topics and we just might not want to deal with your Off Topic (OT).

Some of us just don't care...but let's be courteous to everyone, please! It helps us to decide which emails we want to read. We are a VERY chatty group! Almost a thousand emails come through this group each month.

3). Epicor bashing - I will allow you to vent in one email, but if everyone gets on the bandwagon, and trust me some of us will - I will ask you to stop, once. If you continue, I will ban you for a period of time. Deal with it...

4). Always be good to one another.

Have a great weekend everyone!