Repeating Data and Displaying Total

Hello Everyone,

I have a BAQ that I have the data I require, but I need to if possible show only the price once. Unless there is a way to display the total on the dashboard without requiring the column which repeats the data for each operation and therefore repeating the amount as well.

See below.

Thanks in advance.


I had some ideas for 10-11, but I don’t know 9 at all.

Would you like help for Vantage 8 ? :rofl:

Hello Kevin,

I appreciate any help. If you can tell me 10 or 11 that will be fine. I can possibly use it later after our upgrade to Kinetic.

Thank you.


@RC2020 I think this was something you did with the summary sigma on a table. In 10 on it would be an inner subquery that summed the data.

Pretty much what @gpayne said.

Depending on how you were querying, you might could get away with some calculated fields,
and some logic. Even a rownumber over. Lot’s of options in 10 or 11.