Report Builder - Unable to view report

We are having trouble getting report builder fully integrated and working in our new 10.2 environment. I can successfully open the report and make and save updates, but when I want to view the report and enter the TableGuid found from the system monitor, I am getting the following error:

Invalid object name ‘RptLabels_0f8c10f38438473986224b7c443bee36’.

Query execution failed for dataset ‘RptLabels’. (rsErrorExecutingCommand)

An error has occurred during report processing. (rsProcessingAborted)

The reports run without issue from within Epicor, so right now, my only option is to make a change and then rerun the report in Epicor to view the changes and see if the outcome is as desired. Any idea where are issue may be that report builder does not seem to recognized the Guid?


Hi Patti, this sounds like an issue that was posted yesterday under another thread. Here is what I recommended:

I have already done that. It’s when I enter that GUID into report builder that I get the error.

To clarify:

  • you ran the report from within Epicor
  • you set the archive period to Day
  • copied that GUID from that report run from Reports tab
  • paste the GUID in report builder

and you still experience this problem?

Are you a Cloud customer or on-premise?

Setting the archive period to Day seems to have done the trick. That was never an issue for me on previous versions. As long as it was still appearing in the report list in the system monitor I could always view it before. Thanks for your advice!