Resource group on indirect labor - what does it do?

On direct labor, the resource group provides the burden rate. Also a backflush bin for quantity, if desired.

Indirect labor has no burden or quantity, yet requires a resource group.

So, what does the resource group do on indirect labor?

I know that when we set up new employees, we can assign them to a resource group; then if they charge to indirect, it defaults to that resource group, which can be overridden.

I spent the week before last cleaning up the employees and groups so that the employees are each in a logical role now (Assembler 2, Welder Temp 1, etc.). But honestly I don’t know why Epicor wants it, except maybe for MES (which I am circumventing).

But I really don’t get the point of the resource group in T&E on indirect time.

Like, the indirect might be “everyone gets safety training for 30 minutes today.” That’s not a resource group in my mind. I feel like I am missing a core concept.

Oh, and I mean THIS kind of indirect:


It should default to the resource group linked to the employee record when you make a new TE entry.
the $ amount should come from that resource group picked.
You can use GL controls on the Indirect codes to map where you want the $ to go.

@Craig Sorry, I don’t understand.

I see the labor rate coming from the employee’s rate, not the resource group.

Like here’s one employee. His labor rate ends in some bizarre decimal, but the resource group rate is a whole dollar amount. When he charges to indirect, the labor rate charged is his, not the group’s (Which makes sense to me.)

Yep, we do that.

I’m still not seeing the purpose of the resource group, though. Not for indirect labor.