Resource Scheduling Time

Good day everyone,
On Resource scheduling board, we can see start time and end times of a certain operation.
How can we ensure that scheduling engine will not include coffee breaks and noon breaks?

As per attached, scheduling includes noon break which is 12pm.

As far as I know, the scheduling engine only takes into account the production calendar to determine if a resource is available at any given time. The problem is that the calendar is “precise” to the hour, not minutes:

You cannot set a 15 minutes break in the calendar. If you would like to set a 60 minutes noon break, you could uncheck the checkbox at this moment in the calendar:

You could run some tests. Make sure that you schedule finitely and that your resources are set to finite.

Hi Mathieu,
Thanks for your input.
I will try to tie an employee resource to this operation and see if it will still do it.

From what I know, break times can be linked to employee.
Hopefully scheduling will see this break-times by adding employee resoure.