Rest API Error - Erp.BO.PaymentEntrySvc

I have E10 setup with seven companies out of which five companies are with the base currency as UAE Dirhams, one with Indian Rupee and the other with Bahrain Dinar. For the currency with UAE Dirhams the Rest API of Erp.BO.PaymentEntrySvc works fine and provides the desired output but for the ones with Indian Rupee and Bahrain Dinar as base currency, i get the attached error (No currency conversion exchange records were found when trying to convert amount from currency code INR to currency code AED)

. Currency setup were checked with support team and found all okay.

This was a bug in E10.2.100.20 and also in the latest 10.2.700.15 version and is still under investigation.

Has anyone come across with this bug and have a solution.

Do you have a default exchange rate setup for the currency pair.

Yes, i do have the same. Actually, the setup is same for all companies, the issue is faced with the company having base currency other than AED.

Can you enable server logging to get the full error? It should have the keys for the document triggering the error.

Is it possible you have some really old entries that have no matching exchange rate records?