Restrict deletion rights..!

Hello everyone,

We want to restrict some users from deleting an entry in any respective form.

I.e. if there are person a, b, and c, then all the users can enter anything in any form but only person a is given right to delete that entry or record.

Does anybody has any solution to this query.

Any help would be great.


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Ive done this with a method security.

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can you please briefly define the steps?

Its in Service security. you need to know what business object you are using and then find the Delete method.

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Thanks @Craig. I’ll try it.

I’ve tried it, but the process is not getting into effect.

Still people can delete the job entry, even if only one person is given access of deletion.

What Business object are you using?

make sure to uncheck this.

and on the method, you may have to run a trace log to see what method is called in delete.
it might be one of these.


Yup, we took care of these checkboxes too, but the outcome is not as per the requirement.