Return Expensed PO Receipt

We’ve been using Epicor for over 10 years, and this is the first time this has come up . Really more like the first time it’s come up, AND we want to process it correctly…

A PO (Buy to Other - expensed upon receipt) for a qty of 4 of something was placed and received. Now we want to send two back for credit.

The import part will be to make sure that it’s as straightforward as possible for AP Entry. So there are a couple of scenarios:

  1. The supplier has not issued and invoice yet, and we can return them in time so that the first (and only ) invoice will be for just the two we kept. In this scenario, I’d just change the PO Receipt to from 4 to 2, and keep it “Received Complete”.

  2. The Supplier has already issued their invoice for 4, and AP has entered it (PO Receipt cannot be changed now). The supplier will issue us a credit when they receive the 2 returned items.

Whats the “best” way(s)?

Note, none of this is in inventory or purchased for a job.
(Bonus points if you address those scenarios too!)

If the PO Receipt has been invoiced, you will not be able to change it.

Assuming the parts were bought to inventory:

  • Do an inventory qty adjustment with a reason code of Return To Supplier. The reason code if used and no G/L Control, will default the expense to the Inventory Adjustment account.

  • Create a Misc Shipper to send the 2 parts back to the supplier. This will not create an inventory or financial transaction.

Wait for the debit memo to arrive and apply it to the A/P invoice. Then you can pay the invoice. If you need to pay the invoice, only create a partial payment so that you still can apply the debit memo.

Charlie Smith

CRS Consulting Services


When creating the Debit Memo in AP invoice entry, do I have to use a Misc Line? I can’t use a DMR line as there was no DMR created.

Yes you would use a misc line. Be sure to enter the part information, qty and extended amt.