Return (RMA) product back to inventory, reuse dynamic pcid

Good morning ladies and gentlemen.

If y’all could help me think this out, and maybe fill in some gaps in my knowledge, I’d be very grateful.

Here is the situation.

We currently produce lots of a product, and they are assigned to a (Dynamic)PCID.
(For context, these are Pallets(PCID) of Rolls(Lots) wrapped and sold as a unit.)

When we ship them, we ship the entire PCID, and then invoice. All is good there
and works as expected.

The problem I’ve been asked to address, is returns (RMA).

At that point, the PCIDs have collapsed, and are archived to history.
We would like to reuse the PCIDs that shipped to receive the material back to. (Only for a return.)
(Currently, we are having to create new ones, and re-label the product.)

Is there a way when returning material, we can have that PCID moved back from the archive to be used again?
---->If not, I’ve found I can recreate the PCID. Is there any problem with that when it invoices again?

This functionality does not have to be “baked in”, as I will be automating it anyway.
I can code it, but I need to follow the rules of the system so I don’t break anything, or have unintended consequences.

I’m open to any feedback, as well as modifications to the process, if there is a better business practice.

Thank you all in advance,

I don’t want to be forever alone!

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I mean there’s a setting on PCIDs that allows them not to be deleted when they are empty then you can re-use them . We re-use them all the time. What is stopping you from re-using it?
What is the status of the Pack once it ships?

That setting was set by a consultant beforehand.

I didn’t want to make an assumption.

The status I believe is shipped, followed by invoiced, then it collapses and is moved to history.

If I’m following correctly, I could stop setting that field and just reuse it?

Also, for those that have already been done, will it hurt to recreate the pcid if needed?

You won’t be able to re-create it. ( I don’t believe)

We re-use PCID’s all the time, once we ship them out they become “empty” and we can re-use. I haven’t used the History option on hours but looking at it it seems they just add it to a “transactino” like table so it should be fine.

Play with it in test but I suspect you should be able to re-use them.

I didn’t think so, but I thought I had found a way, but I was looking at the wrong thing.

I’ve got some tests set up for later in the week so hopefully this will at least help moving
forward, just not with existing inventory.