Returning Sales Kit components to Inventory

We have sales kits that are used by our installers. The SK’s component qty’s are for the maximum the installer should need. But often they don’t require that much. Many of these are for parts that are cut to length as needed - like cable and tubing. These parts are kept whole (as on the reel or spool) on the installer’s truck.

For example, Sales Kit SK-001 calls for 100 FT of part CB-001. But a particular installation may only require 60 FT. All other components of SK-001 were used (qty used = qty on sales kit).

The packer was issued with SK-001 on it,but now the installer has 40 FT more than inventory shows.

How can I get the 40 FT of CB-001 back into stock, in a way that reduces the COGS for the order the SK-001 was on?

Currently, we just do a an Inventory Adjustment. That gets the QOH correct, but only creates a favorable variance, which isn’t going to be tied to the original sales order.

I thought about adding a custom field to PartTran, to hold an order number for INV-ADJ tran types, with the Order# entered in a custom field in the Inv Adj screen. But I’m hoping there is something less complicated than that.

Do you have service management module?


Thought about looking into as our parent company does mostly services. We’re the only division that does manufacturing. And only one of our 4 sites does manufacturing. The other 4 are warehouses for staging materials (Purch and Mfg’d) for installations.

To me, what you described is field service. Not having the module, why not just do an RMA?

An RMA would work on line items. Assuming the packer has been invoiced - which isn’t always the case. We may not invoice the packer until the entire installation is complete. And if I recall correctly, you can only do an RMA against an invoice, not a packer.

But I was specifically referring to components of a sales kit. An RMA would have to return the entire kit, no?

You would do the RMA against the order.

You can return just a component of a sales kit.

Another option…

If you used a mfg job instead, you could then do an issue material and
return material.

You would need to report the operation as completed and close job when done.

Not as elegant, but could work.



Using Jobs instead of SK’s requires creating the job, issuing materials, etc… Every time a SK with possible returns is used.

Using RMA’s requires creating the RMA and then RMA Disposition processing.

We don’t currently do RMA’s. Is there a way to have a received RMA go right into stock, bypassing the “Inspection” step? Our RMA’s would only be issued internally, so we wouldn’t do one if we knew the parts weren’t okay to put back into stock.

Calvin, a Sales Kit is just a convenient way of grouping items together for
ordering and shipping. You can return any item through an RMA without
referencing a sales order and line. You will need to receive the RMA item
and disposition it through inspection (which makes sense anyway because
something being returned from a customer is suspect anyway until inspection
reviews it) and then from disposition entry put that part into inventory,
or dispose it if you want. See below screen shot without a sales order

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Mark - Thanks for the detailed explanation.

But that the return of that part doesn’t reduce the COGS related to that order. The tests I did have the RMA crediting (or debiting, I can’t keep them straight), the Inventory account, with an Inspection account ass the offsetting one.

That’s no better than an Inventory Adj that credits/debits the Inventory account and a Variance account.

When do you actually invoice the customer? Is it after all of the adjustments are made?

I would be interested to see what happens when you “ship” the kit, then return some material on an RMA, then invoice. Would the invoice be for the full amount of the shipment or would the returned material be factored in?

Based off of the way you are explaining your process, it should take no longer than 5 minutes to create the RMA, recieve the material, and then disposition to stock.

Sorry Calvin, didn’t read the whole topic

So you are “selling” and shipping sales kits to the customer?

I don’t see anyway around this without using the service call module.
Create a service call and link the service call job, issue the materials to
the service job, and bill for the materials used for the invoice from
within service job entry. If you do not use all the materials on the
service job, do a return material from the job back to inventory. Close the
service call and generate the invoice for the amount actually used, your
COGS will be for the material issued to the job

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Capstone Alliance Partners 888.597.2227 Ext. 71
<888.597.2227%20Ext.%20714>2 | 904.412.6847 (cell)

To add on to Mark’s example, you can enter the Sales Order here and leave the Line / Release blank. Also, you can enter the Sales Order, Line and Release and then override the Part field with the actual part being returned.