Reverse Job Receipt to Job (Serial controlled assembly)

How to reverse job receipt to job transaction EPICOR 10?

For example below Assembly B is Serial controlled assembly build and issued to Parent Assembly via job receipt to job.

|Assly A||
|Part -1||
|Part -3||
|Part-5 (Assly B)||
1. Assly B Part-1||
2. |- Assly B Part-2||
3. |- Assly B Part-3||
4. |- Assly B Part-4|

Action completed as below .
Job created for Assembly A (Make to Stock). Then Assembly Part B configured as " Make direct".
Job created for Assembly B (Make to Job).
Manufacturing completed for Assembly B and now job receipt to Job performed.
Now, I want to reverse the transaction. I want assembly B jot to appear as Received/completed Qty “0”.

What is the right way to do it?

Do a Job Receipt to Job for a quantity of -1.

We encountered the same issue and a negative Job Receipt to Job doesn’t bring the Serial number back, only quantity for some reason. I think it’s better to use Return Material in this case.