Reverse Receipt to Inventory - Serial Tracked

I have a situation where a job was received to inventory using an incorrect serial number. I’m wanting to get the part in inventory to have the correct serial number, but not sure what steps to take.

I copied our db to a test environment and tried one approach:
Quantity Adjustment (Qty -1, selecting the ‘bad’ serial number) to remove the part from inventory.
Repeat Job Receipt to Inventory using the correct S/N. I get a warning that I am exceeding the Job completed quantity. I can look past the warning, but what unintended effects might show up?

Is there a ‘right’ way to do this?

Thank you

Hi Andrew,

We find Serial Number entry errors VERY unforgiving in the system.
The only other in-system approach I could think of was for you to get a reverse of your MFG-STK transaction by doing something that would provide a STK-MFG transaction, such as issue the incorrect serialized part to the job. I think this might deal with the inventory / job cost oops but I don’t think it’s all that helpful from your wrong SN standpoint as it will just strand this wrong serial number in WIP on the job, and then you need that job that’s producing 1 to require another serial number assignment.

I’d love to hear if anyone has found a system friendly means of dealing with this too!

If you’d like any assistance on a back door method, PM me.


Job Receipt to Inv allows entering negative qtys.

Edit, and you can select the S/N’s to be “returned”

Say my initial Receipt of 5 parts was with SN’s 1,2,3,4 & 6 (#6 should have been a 5).

I can then do a Rcpt to Inv for a Qty of -1, and select SN 6 from the issued S/N’s


Thanks Calvin,
Those steps did the trick.

I did try that earlier but ran into an error when trying to select the incorrect serial number during the Job Receipt to Inventory at Qty -1. It turned out that someone tried to fix the issue by manually removing the incorrect serial number and assigning the correct one in Serial Number Assignment. So I had to reverse that process too, so the Job Receipt to Inventory could find the incorrect serial number to move back to WIP.

Now it looks like I have a serial number that will live in the system forever due to being tied to some transactions. I doubt there is a way around that without direct SQL adjustments.

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Ah! That’s so much better than my material issue idea. Great suggestion Calvin!


When I try this I get an error message

Does a non-zero value show in the Qty Completed box?


I found out the material manager was doing the same thing I was. It’s good now.

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