RFQ Management with Suppliers - Tools Used

I am curious what tools are being used by your companies for your supply chain to manage quotes needed for parts, and multi bid management.

Currently the bid software used by a division in our organization not use Epicor yet is on EOL as of March 2019. As a result they need to change software. With the other locations using Epicor and this location potentially moving that direction, I would like to get a tool that is compatible or integrated with Epicor ERP. So I wanted to query you all to see if you could share some suggestions.


I’ve recently wrote a solution for a customer that handles multi quotes based on subcontract ops. It uses the Epicor RFQ, it just automates and simplifies the process.

Scheduled for next week, I am writing a solution to help them easy manage the supplier responses.

They have alot of RFQs and Vendors.

That would be interesting to see. I think I remember you being in Nashville correct. Is this a solution you sale, or would just provide as part of the community. We have a plant in Nashville. So I could possibly meet up while over there or something to see this if you are willing to show it. We are currently working on an upgrade of that site from 10.1.400 to 10.2.200.

Hi Josh, yep I do live just outside of Nashville. Unfortunately this a customer solution, so I cant share it, but I can give you more details on what the challenge for the customer was and our basic approach.

This, like most of my solutions, is highly geared towards a certain customer since everyones use case can be vastly different.

Understood. Would be interesting to hear more for sure. I can’t PM but can you PM or email me some additional details.