RFQ-to-Quote procedures - V8

I have been attempting to decipher the RFQ process in V8. I was
wondering if anyone out there has been using this on a regular basis
and could perhaps revuew what I have found out (or not found out)
and let me know what I am missing...

The RFQ entry allows you to enter multiple lines to be quoted and
then assign suppliers to quote each line. In the Buyers workbench,
all lines for all suppliers are listed as `waiting'. When you
receive word back from the suppliers, you then enter the amounts
quoted from each vendor into the `supplier responses' page. If you
get a `No Quote' back from a vendor, go to the supplier response
page and look at the `response' column; set this drop down list
to `not waiting'. You can enter the amount per purchased unit as
well as the `Lead' time in days. Finally, in the buyer's workbench,
you select the decision wizard which lets you view all of the
responses you have entered and `create a PO' for each line of the

What is odd about this is that you cannot create a single PO for
multiple lines of an RFQ. You have to create multiple PO's (one for
each line of the RFQ!!?!).

One thing to watch out for is when you create the RFQ, it asks you
the `minimum # of responses' accepted. I first thought, "I have 4
suppliers listed, so I want 4 responses". This prohibited me from
creating a PO until I had 4 valid + positive responses entered into
the system. In reality, you might send out 4 RFQ's and only get one
back. You might require the purchasing guy send out more RFQ's
until he gets a minimum of 2 responses back. I set this to `1'
or `2' now so I can go ahead and create a PO after I get a couple of

Why can I not batch all or some of the lines of the rfq to one PO?