RM Part Burden

Is there a way to burden raw material without using the Landed Costs Module? We would need to burden the Raw Material differently based on the vendor that it’s purchased from.

Support suggested just adding the mark up on the part record, however, this wouldn’t allow us to change the rate based on the vendor.

Does anyone have experience with this?

A qualified “yes”.

The PartCost table has a field for Material Burden cost, it’s a fifth cost bucket after Labor, Burden, Material, and Subcontract costs that all roll up together to give you your inventory valuation for the part.

That said, there is no default process in Epicor that can drive that cost bucket value out of the box EXCEPT at the part level. To create such a process you’d need a BPM or some other custom programming to add that cost bucket value on receipt to inventory.

I had to look at doing that once long ago. If you’re not familiar with how to customize Epicor, this would be a great learning experience!

I typically dislike material burden… so i typically discourage its use… last time I had to use it was back in the Vantage 8 days… If memory serves me correctly, the burden rate on the Part table will be charged to the applied material burden account upon RECEIPT (from JOB or PO). This all of course depends on the costing method being used.
but in theory, if using average cost, and if you have a 5% material burden rate, and the po is for $100 each, then the cost that is posted to inventory upon receipt would be $105 each.
But again… that was a very long time ago.

Thank you!