RMA stuck in inspection - but we don't know why

We have a part stuck in inspection, and it appears to be an RMA. In asking the RMA to clean it up they said they don’t know how as we don’t normally put RMAs through inspection. In trying to figure out why the part is in inspection I took a look at the Part Class and Inspection Required is not checked. Is there a way to understand why a part is in inspection?

In asking the production team for help to get the RMA out of inspection, they said they don’t know how as they normally only inspect POs and the process doesn’t work for RMAs… Any pointers / documentation we can reference on how to get an RMA through inspection?

You can “disposition” an RMA in the Inspection Processing module.

By default all RMA receipts go into Inspection, it doesn’t matter if the Part Class is set to Inspect or not.
Like @Asz0ka suggested, here are the steps:

  1. open up Inspection Processing
  2. Select the RMA from the Tree view, this will open the RMA tab
  3. In the lower left corner there is a Disposition button, click on it and the selected RMA will open in Disposition Entry
  4. Click on the New icon, this will open the Disposition tab, here you can select how you would like to disposition the parts you rec’d on the RMA. Once you set everything the way you like, save the Disposition record.

Can you prevent an RMA from going into inspection, skip the inspection process?

Not out of the box. Whether or not such a thing could be customized, where would you want it to go?

For me, the same place that received parts go when inspection is not required on the part class. To inventory.

It would nice to not have to go to inspection processing whenever an RMA was being done. Do your RMA, RMA receipt and voila in inventory.

The workflow you are looking for is not standard since any inventory that leaves the warehouse should be inspected to ensure only quality products are allowed back into inventory.
However, you should be able to use a BPM that whenever an RMA type of inspection record is created, you could then automatically set the required fields for the inspection (inspector, Pass Qty, Whse & Bin).


Its just weird that we can do it for regularly received parts but not for RMAs.

I don’t put every raw material through inspection processing. I just turn the inspection flag off in the part class.

Something like that for RMA would make sense to me.