RMA Disposition - Return Shipment

So we are upgrading to 10.2.400 on Thursday and we’re using the RMA disposition to “return shipment” According to the feature highlights in 10.2.300 it should show a transaction of ins-shp, but what I’m seeing is ins-cus. Also, I can see the $$ in the part transaction history, but I can’t see them when I run my WIP Reconciliation. Is there somewhere that I’m lacking a G/L control to make it show in the WIP Reconciliation?

That must be a new Tran Type. I don’t see anything in the Part Tran guide or Posting engine guide for a INS-SHP

In fact, no Tran Type ends with -SHP

This is the instructions out of the 10.2.300 feature summary guide provided for this upgrade. Our customer service staff are planning to use this, and I’m not able to find where/if it hits the general ledger anywhere.

It’s been a while since I’ve looked into it, but I’m fairly sure the XYZ-SHP transactions are Packing/Picking transactions. If you use AMM to send orders to picking/packing, the transactions are STK-SHP and then SHP-CUS.

Do you have your Inventory, COS and WIP control code set up with an Inspection Inventory account? I would imagine there needs to be a GL transaction to Credit the Inspection Inventory account when you remove parts from Inspection.

In a nut shell, it looks like they are saying the “INS-SHP” is to undo the “RMA-INS” tran (that happens when you receive an RMA), when you want to reject the RMA, and send it back to the customer.

I’d assume:

  1. Creating the RMA does no GL or Inventory trans.

  2. Receiving the RMA in (RMA-INS)
    a. CR/DB’s the Inspection Account and the Accrued Receivables
    b. No Inventory trans

  3. If the diposition is to retrurn to Stock (INS-STK)
    a. CR/DB’s the Inspection Acct and Inventory
    b. Inventory QOH increase

  4. If the RMA is rejected and to be returned to the customer (INS-SHP or INS-CUS?)
    a. CR/DB’s the Inspection Account and the Accrued Receivables (but opposite of step 2’s GL trans)
    b. No Inventory trans

So what doe you see for Tran Types, Tran Dates, and Amounts in the Part Tran History?

When running the WIP/Recon report:

  1. Are you sure the data range is far enough? (Some trans will use the date of the original tran it is undoing.)
  2. selecting “Both Posted and Unposted”
  3. No other filters (Clear the Tran Type Target list, instead of just selecting everything from the source list)
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Here is my part transaction history. None of this shows up on the WIP Reconc. nor does it show up on the general ledger. I just assumed if mfg-cus shows on WIP that the ins-cus would also as it does show a value going out… My WIP reconc
has no filters & includes posted & unposted transactions.

I did some quick tests and see something similar (I’m on 10.1.400 , and do not have Adv Mtl Mngmnt).

Not having AMM, My only choices for Dispose to are: Job, Fail and Stock


  • The RMA Receipt was done for Qty 1. This created the RMA-INS parttran
  • Processed the RMA with 0.5 going to stock, and the other 0.5 failed.
    • The return to stock made an INS-STK parttran.
    • The Failed, made a INS-REJ
  • None of those PartTrans (RMA-INS, INS-STK, or INS-REJ) sho on the WIP/Recon
    • This might be because mine test had a part with zero cost. And zero cost transactions don’t create GL transactions. And the WIP/Recon uses the GL Posting engine.

Just out of curiosity … What GL Trans are you expecting to see?

If the INS-CUS is equal and opposite of RMA-INS, they’d net to zero.

After doing another test of an RMA (This time with a part with non-zero cost),

I get the following in Part Tran History:

And this in WIP/Recon:

The RMA-INS doesn’t show on the WIP/Recon. We don’t use Inspection in E10, so I don’t know if a PUR-INS (for receipt of a PO requiring inspection) shows up on WIP/Recon either.

I guess I would expect to see the ins-cus to also be Zero. I’m fine with that, just am unsure as to where/if the $$$ attached to the ins-cus would be going somewhere.