Run a BAM on a schedule (8.03)

Thanks.  Got it running.

I need to trigger a BAM based on a schedule.

Currently we have a BAM that sends an email whenever a Packer is changed to shipped.  This email goes out to a project manager, and they're complaining that the get too many each day, and would rather have a consolidated email with a summary of the shipments in the email.

I've no problem with creating the summary email, but don't know how to trigger it to happen at a specific time of day.

Any ideas?


V 8.03, Progress OpenEdge 10.1B

As a follow-up, someone had suggested I create a BAM for a scheduled BAQ Export.

I created a bogus BAQ, and used BAQ Export to export it based on a schedule.  The export runs as specified (I get the data file as expected).

Now how do I trigger a BPM on a BAQ export?

We have a BPM that runs when a BAQ is exported.  It runs from DynamicQuery.ExportByID on Pre-Processing.