Run DMT via Agent at night

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I need to run DMT for two BAQ’s at night via the Agent. How do I set that up?

Every night or just tonight?

I can’t get into specifics, but I thought you could do DMT via command line. I did it one time and one time only and it was cool, but I never did it again so I can’t be of any assistance. I think there are posts on DMT via command line here and maybe in the technical ref guide for ice tools?

You can schedule the command to run at whatever time on your sever.

I didn’t use a BAQ though, I used a static excel sheet in a file directory.

Every night.


It looks like you need to export BAQ results via DMT then you can consume that in the DMT that updates via command line.

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If you want to get fancy, you can use Power Shell to run the DMT via a command line interface. You can specify credentials and the BAQ you want to use as your source data as well.

See the BAQExtractAndLoad here: GitHub - DotNetIT/EpicorDMTScripts: Epicor DMT Scripts for Automation

If you’re looking for something simpler, you can use the BAQ Export process built into Epicor to export your data, and then run a command line DMT to import via Windows Task Scheduler.


Thanks Chad, for the life of me I could not find where I referenced the documentation from!

@utaylor Automating DMT with powershell works very well.
If you need help with the commands, let me know.

Once you have the DMT file running, you cant save it to a drive, then schedule a windows task to launch PowerShell, with the DMT script set in the parameters.
You can even go as far to launch the powershell script from within other programs given adequate permissions.


I have a Windows scheduled task on the app server that runs a powershell script which in turn calls DMT via command line. Runs everyday at 4:00 pm.

And because it’s via the windows O/S, I don’t need to change anything when day light saving time changes!


Joseph I appreciate it greatly! @Will79 was also looking for this help. @Will79 .

I would like to know more about using a cmd line to run a DMT. I would like to use Jenkins to automate running a DMT when a xl file is dropped in a folder. getting jenkins to recognize that there is a new file is already figured out, i dont know what the cmd line would look like to execute the DMT.