Sales Kit Costs Posting to Kit Parent Instead of Kit Component

I’m hoping you can help me straighten something out. We recently started using Sales Kits and have noticed after our first month end that though we use Component Level pricing, the cost of sale is posting to the kit parent line… in addition to the component lines. Revenue only comes in on the component lines. Thus, our costs are doubled up. The parent cost = the sum of the component costs. Initially, I thought it might be an issue with our dashboard but Accounting has assured me that the costs are posting doubled up. Any ideas why this might be? I am hoping it’s not going to come down to a BPM and maybe it’s a simple oversight of how the part is setup?

Not sure if it helps but we have them set up as ‘parent pricing’. When we sale a kit, it takes the components out of the inventory but the COS is on the parent. I know our Accounts do some GL entries to reconcile that every month. Maybe if you set them as parent pricing it will work ?

Thanks for your reply. We needed to use component pricing to split the revenue into different accounts based on the product group. Unfortunately, that was the whole reason we decided to try sales kits. I didn’t notice that the costs were doubling when I tested… sigh. I have a ticket in but so far I haven’t gotten anywhere with them.

I’m not sure if Sales Kit parents are similar to Configurator parent parts, but we had to set the parent part to Non-Stock so a cost-roll would not roll up to it. Just a thought…

That’s how component priced Kits work out of box. So, what do you mean the costs are doubling? Is this on dashboards/BAQs you guys have made?


When you ship a sales kit, the COMPONENTS are all that is actually shipped, the parent is marked as complete, but as I remember it, the parent does not show up on the invoice detail, only the children, and the COGS for the children should be there in the invoice detail as well.
If what you are saying is that both the parent and the children show in the invoice detail, both with quantity and both with COGS (and with sales value) then that would be a challenge, and confusing. My first investigation would be to look a the Invoice Detail to see what is listed on these orders.


On Invoice Tracker, it is listing both the parent and all the components. There is a quantity of 1 for the parent line and no price.

Yes, we have a BAQ/dashboard that pulls the info from InvcDtl. It shows a cost associated with the parent line as well as each of the components. As I understand it, it should be only doing one or the other.

yea, the parent’s COGS should be zero because the children also have COGS.

Yeah, you’ll need to adjust any BAQ’s to account for kits with a calculated field. OrderDtl.KitFlag, OrderDtl.KitParentLine, and OrderDtl.KitPricing are the fields you’ll need to consider. I may have notes to dig the one we had at my last place.

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I believe it’s bigger than a dashboard issue. I can certainly adjust the dashboard if I need to but I don’t think it would be hurting anything on the dashboard if the parent wasn’t showing costs. The reason this came up is because we did our month end and Accounting was reviewing some anomalies… which came in the form of a bunch of cost hitting an account but no revenue associated with it. Which triggered us to realize that the costs were not just superficial on the dashboard… it is really posting. So they had to make some kind of adjustment to back it out manually.

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Can you post part tran for parent & a child part

if you can see the costs in the sales journal in the GL being doubled, then this deserves a call to Tech Support to report the error. It should not be posting the cost for the parent.

I wonder if its related to this:


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Thanks everyone. I submitted a new case in EpicCare.

Costs are not doubling, they are going to the parent line only.

So we have revenue tracking to the component lines and costs tracking to the parent line. Does this help shed any light on what’s going on?

Support is telling me that it is working as intended. They are going to see about what sort of workaround we might be able to do with posting rules, etc.