Sales Order Entry - add a related or suggested item?

Hi everyone,

We are on Epicor Public Cloud and have not yet gone live but in the middle of setting up. We manufacture carts and occasionally must sell a replacement part for a customer. Let’s say a “wheel assembly” is needed. When the customer buys a wheel assembly, we want the salesperson to ask if the customer needs the related bracket. Is there a way to connect or link the wheel assembly to the necessary bracket without creating a new part number for the wheel assembly + bracket?

Thank you in advance.

Are you wanting to sell them as Kits?
Sell 1 thing, but get 2 inventory items?
are they always paired up together?
Part x goes with part y
part w goes with part z

are you planning on using a product configurator?

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The way I would do this is with Epicor’s Alternate Part functionality.
From part entry you can create different types of Alternate Part relationships:

  • Substitutes
  • Complements

I think the bracket could be a Complement of the Wheel.

You could also setup Sales Kits, but that would require setting up a part to contain the components of the kit with a Method.


Thank you so much. Yes - the Complement sounds like its the way to go. You pointed me in the direction I needed. Greatly appreciate it.

@Craig - they may not always include the bracket which is why I want to avoid creating a new part (one with bracket and one without bracket)

We may use configurator down the road but I don’t think the team is ready just yet. It’s their first ERP system.

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Hi Nancy and welcome!

What we do to alert out CSRs that they need to ask something, add a complement part, or charge a fee is to put a note on the part that pops up when the original part is placed on the sales order. If you are interested in hearing more about that, let me know!


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I like that idea. Yes - how can I learn more?

Sure! To set it up, you need to first set up your Memo Categories for File Type: Part.

The Category is a code you make up. The Description is what appears in the drop-down list in Memo Entry.

Next, you open the part you want to add the memo to in Part Maintenance. Click the memo icon on the toolbar:


This brings up the Memo window. Click the New icon to add a new memo and select the Memo that you set up:

Next you need to type in a Memo Description and Memo Text. The description appears on the title bar of Popup Window. The Memo Text is what appears in the window. The information can be as specific as you need it to be because it is tied to this part. If you want to use the same memo information, then copy it and paste it to a word document so that you can paste it into another memo for different part.


Save it and your done! When the part is entered on a Sales Order and saved, it should bring up the popup window with the message.

You will want to try this out in a test system to make sure it does what you expect it to do :smiley:

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Excellent. Thank you so much. I really appreciate the time you took to do this. I can’t wait to try it out (on a test environment of course)
Happy to be part of a such a resourceful group.

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