Sales order ship to information on BAQ

Hello Everyone,

I need help in adding the ShipToID to my sales order BAQ. I have a user that wants to see bill-to and ship-to information on the BAQ. I got all the data with the exception of the ShipToID.

If anyone tell me how to accomplish this I would appreciate it. I did a check on the field but didn’t see it on the Sales Header as shown on field help.

Thanks in advance.


Link ShipTo table with OrderHed. OrderHed.Company = ShipTo.Company and OrderHed.ShipToCustNum = ShipTo.CustNum and OrderHed.ShipToNum = ShipTo.ShipToNum.

Your Ship To information is actually in the OrderRel table. You will also need to look at One Time Ship To addresses and those are also in the OrderRel table.


The first ShipTo record for each customer will have the ShipTo ID of null.

So if the ShipTo address is just the customers address, the ID is most likely blank.