Schedule a report to Print using a baq output

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I want to automatically print the Maintenance Job Report once per week using a list of jobs that a baq can provide.

Is this possible please?

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When you go to run the report, use the Schedule drop down box to choose your desired run time and check the Recurring box to make sure it happens more than once. Click the print button, and it should submit your recurring process to the system agent.

To check your task has been scheduled properly, open System Agent. Navigate to The Schedule that you choose for your job. Then look at the tasks for that schedule to see that your new task is in there.

If you don’t have any schedules to choose from, or not one that fits your desired timeframe, go to System Agent and add a new schedule. Setup the schedule to run on your desired timeframe. Any tasks you assign to this schedule will run at this time.

To filter the jobs report to just the jobs you want, create a BAQ that returns just the list of jobs you need. In the BAQ Designer go to the BAQ Search tab, move some of those key search fields over to the Search Like columns. At least JobNum. Now when you go to print the jobs report, you click the jobs filter, and go to the BAQ tab in the Search box. Find the BAQ you created and choose it. This should get saved as part of your task, so when you set up the recurring schedule and task the BAQ will automatically apply to the report before printing it.

Good luck!

Thanks Nate

I use schedule reports alot, however i did not realise it would work by using a baq search - i was concerned it would attempt to print the same jobs each time

Ill give it a whirl!!! thankyou

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Turns out it does indeed print the same jobs, and not the contents of the BAQ search

Can any one help please?

Use a date filter within your BAQ (-1 week) and not on the BAQ search. If your BAQ does not have a date filter and is ran wide open, every time your BAQ report is ran, it will pull the same jobs that you had originally set the date as in the BAQ search dates. What date filters do you have in your BAQ?

Sorry i dont understand.
I think i should explain clearer :slight_smile:

The Maintenance Job Report is a standard SSRS report, that i wish to run weekly and print hard copies to a printer - i want the jobs printed to be selected from a BAQ search query i have designed.

If i run this myself manually, the baq search output the correct jobs i need and then prints fine.

If i schedule the report to print using reoccurring and assigning to a system agent schedule, then the report prints the original submitted baq search, ie next weeks jobs to be printed, would still print this weeks - does that make sense?

I have resolved this by using Autoprint on record creation instead. thanks for your help