Email BAQ results on a schedule

I would have done this previously through SQL Server, but current employer is on cloud.

What are my best options for automating sending a BAQ data dump, in form of Excel or csv attachment, on a schedule and by email?

The BAQ Export process can dump the results of a BAQ into a folder on the server on a schedule. I think it can email too, but not sure.
If you have Advanced Print Routing you can create a report style for a BAQ report that is configured to send an email and attachment and then schedule that to be run.


Create a BAQ Report. You can set all the settings you want and send it on a schedule.

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Aaron, Jason,
How to Schedule a BAQ report?

How much do you know about BAQ reports? I’ll assume you already know how to do that, otherwise you could read the documentation on that.
Anyways, do you have the Advanced Print Routing add on?

I have created some simple BAQ reports. yes I have Advanced print routing. Also I have done Invoice autoemailing and Sales order auto emailing through SSRS Breaking and Routing rules.

The easiest thing to do is to create a breaking/routing style for the report and then attach it to a process. Then, you’ll schedule the process with the System Agent menu item.

Create report style with breaking/routing defined (who it goes to, etc.)

Create a Schedule

Create a process set (note, this set already shows the BAQ report attached to the process set, but at first it will have no tasks associated with it. After to add a task to a process set, it will show here)

Invoke the report style (routing enabled), but instead of running the report, choose the option to save it to a process set. Choose your process set and submit

Add your process set to the schedule in System Agent


Just make the Routing like if you wanted it to run immediately. Then when you run it, choose the schedule, and recurring checkbox, on the BAQ Report form (the windo that pops up when you want to run the report).

Also add a note so you can see what that scheduled task is from

Thanks Calvin. Let me try that option also.

Thanks for the steps. I tried it but giving the below error message.

Add the “task” of submitting the report to the process set first before trying to schedule the process set

Aaron, I am not finding any option to add the task in process set maintenance.

It’s actually in the baq report itself when you go to run it. Instead of submitting the report to the task agent or generate report, choose the option to save the report to a process set

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Got it Aaron! I am testing it, will give you an update.

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Thank you so much Aaron its working great.

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Aaron, When I attempt to save the BAQ report to the process set I get a server side error. Have you seen this before?

What does the server event log say

I ended up not using the process set and did this instead.