Schedule & Dispatch - Field Service

Can anybody tell me if this is an add on? Something custom?

I saw a youtube video by Mark Chinsky and it showed something called Schedule & Dispatch, but I can’t find anything like this in any Epicor 10.2 environment…and it actually looks pretty slick.

It was called Schedule and Dispatch…

Yes, it was written by Hitachi. It is slick. It also has a facilities database for where your product is installed, which is not necessarily where it was shipped-to. I think it might be a little $$$$ if you don’t need all of the capabilities.

Mark W.

Thank you.

Andrew Fagan

Andrew, you might be referring to the older one Epicor had that was acquired from an Australian company. Turned out to be seriously buggy and under featured so they discontinued it. I don’t think I’ve done one with the Hitachi system yet.

But the Hitachi solution is pricey and requires their implementer to do the project so keep that in mind.

Thanks. Sounds like it’s worth entertaining, but a custom solution might be a better fit.

Andrew Fagan

Yes this was from the older offering of Epicor Mobile Field Service, this was written by an Australian Arm of Epicor, I implemented this at one of our customers and it was no fun. There is a new offering now called FSA, Field Service Automation, which is a much better solution and in 10.2.3 more functionality is coming, we are looking to rip out the old one and implement this one along side the upgrade to 10.2.3.

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I could be wrong, but doesn’t Epicor mandate that Hitachi implement the system? They haven’t seemed to make getting trained and implementing it an option for external partners.

we are a VAR here in the UK and we have been on a training course for implementation, we are currently negotiating a deal with a customer and we know of one other VAR in the UK that has sold it. It will be with support from Hitachi, but the customer will only deal with Epicor or the VAR.