Scheduled Start vs Actual Start Metric

Vantage 8.03.410.

I have created a BAQ to pull the “Operation Scheduled Start Date” and the “Operation First Labor Transaction Date” so that we can track our “On-Time Starts” for each operation. The question is this…

How can I manage this data if I reschedule a Job?

Example: Schedule a Job, which shows an Operation Start Date of 11.01.16. Actually start the operation on 11.02.16. Metric shows “Late” (correct). Now, reschedule the Job and the new Scheduled Start is 11.04.16. The metric will now show “On-Time” (not necessarily) because it pulls the Firs Labor Transaction of 11.02.16.

We believe this metric is now going to be misleading. Thoughts?


It will be misleading. You should stamp the original date into JobOper.Date01, for example, using a BPM, when the job is initially scheduled. Then you can measure against it instead of the new start date.

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Jeff how did you accomplish getting your “Operation First Labor Transaction Date”?

Yeah, if I remember this was tricky on V8/Progress systems.
I think I did it this a couple ways (but… it’s been a while)
1.) Create a view in the database where it is easier to pulls that first LaborDtl.PayrollDate & use that view in BAQs.
2.) BPM on new LaborDtls - to find JobOper related & stamp DateXX if DateXX is blank

(but… it’s been a while)
And remembered… using “first” in the join can get you there too.
Setting First/Last wasn’t quite as obvious in the V8 BAQ designer compared to E9.
for each JobOper where ( JobOper.JobNum >= ‘111003’) no-lock , first LaborDtl outer-join where (JobOper.Company = LaborDtl.Company and JobOper.JobNum = LaborDtl.JobNum and JobOper.AssemblySeq = LaborDtl.AssemblySeq and JobOper.OprSeq = LaborDtl.OprSeq) no-lock .