Schedules Trigger on Wrong Days

I stumbled upon the above post after we’ve been struggling with an issue with our nightly MRP schedule. First of all, we had been running Full Regen every night. But the number of jobs/etc. is starting to take too long and it was still running when users were getting going in the morning. So, at the advice of our consultants, we enabled Recycle MRP jobs for our work week but we continue to run the Full Regen on the weekends. So we created a second schedule and modified the days so that we run one Sunday-Thursday and the other on Friday/Saturday. What we’re finding is that the day of the week behavior is not consistent between the two schedules. The Weekday (10:00pm CDT) schedule seems to fire on the correct day that is checked. The Weekend (8:00pm CDT) schedule is firing 1 day early - which mimics the behavior mentioned in the link above. Has anyone here had success running different schedules on alternating days of the week? Is there a trick? We’re on 10.2.300.40.

Thanks in advance!!

Here’s a view of our SysAgentSched:

According to the last run timestamp, the top line makes sense why it fired when it did. It was set to run on Friday and according to the GMT time, it was Friday when it ran last night (Thursday). However, the bottom line displays the GMT time stamp and also ran last night. You can see it is disabled on Fridays. So the general logic of shifting my days by 1 day of the week doesn’t work here, since one schedule seems to act differently than the other.