Scheduling Oven/Baking Operations

Looking for help on how to schedule Operations where parts bake in an oven.

The two issues are:
The Labor is spent loading and unloading the furnace – might be 20 minutes each.

The bulk of the Scheduled time is spent Baking – Range from 6 hours to 72 hours. Typically no one can be logged in all the way through this.

I would have the load/unload be setup time. Then backflush the time upon a quantity entry.

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Backflush Fixed Hours (can only do once per Oper, per Job)?

Or a Production Rate designed to match number of pieces in the oven and the Bake Time (could be repeated multiple times in one job)?

It would be based off of your Method. Set the Labor Entry to Quantity Only and when someone reports the quantity it will backflush whatever the prod standard is. Do you have the module that enables Concurrent Capacity? Sounds like that would be helpful too.

Yes we do. I working on the Production Rate solution.