Scheduling Subcontractors - Days Out Not Ignoring Weekends

Good morning,
I am looking at setting up some outside vendor subcontractor operations. I would like to use the DaysOut field to represent how long the operation will take. It looks like the scheduler ignores the weekends when scheduling this operation. I have a calendar setup for my subcontractors with only M-F hours. So I expect my days out to only look at the working days. But when I look at the start and due dates for the op, it seems like the scheduler is including weekends. Am I using this the wrong way?


I think I figured it out. I had set the resource group to have a calendar with only M-F working days, but I didn’t setup a calendar for the resource. After I went to the resource level, and assigned the same calendar, then the dates began reflecting my DaysOut correctly.

Why didn’t the days out get calculated correctly when I assigned the calendar to the resource group? I thought the hierarchy would take care of which calendar to use.

EDIT: Scratch all that. The calendars at the resource group and resource levels are not affecting my schedule. Only if I setup a calendar for the supplier, does my actual schedule reflect the days out correctly ignoring the weekends.

Was I not using the calendars for resource groups and resources correctly?

For subcontracting the resource and resource group are placeholders only.

That’s interesting! What does it mean? Besides that the calendars set on res/res group don’t affect the schedule?

The calendars are optional on the resources and resource Group that are used for standard operations.
From the technical guide on scheduling
This is the production calendar hierarchy:

  1. Resource Calendar- The production calendar selected at the resource level is evaluated first.
  2. Resource Group Calendar- If a calendar is selected at the resource group level, it is evaluated second by
    the scheduling engine.
  3. Site Calendar- If a calendar is selected on a site record, it is evaluated third by the scheduling engine.
  4. Company Calendar- The overall production calendar selected on the company record is evaluated last.

For Subcontracting
The scheduling engine uses the Days Out value defined on the subcontract operation and the Working Days values selected on the supplier’s Production Calendar to calculate the exact dates during which the part quantity will be away from your manufacturing center.
Be sure to estimate the shipping, production, and receiving times that are required by this subcontract operation. The point at which the part quantity returns to your manufacturing center potentially affects the End Date that the scheduling engine calculates for a job.


Thank you Bruce! I had the hierarchy backwards in my head. I think because we were originally setup with a company level calendar that was used for everything. Sometimes the company level calendar was also assigned to a supplier, or a resource group. Just to make things extra confusing. Based on all the good advice I am getting from you all, I am scrapping most of the original setup, and starting from scratch.