Screen value cutoff


Just wondering if there a quick solution to do this. This screen have no customization on and it looks cut off.
Not sure if window 10 have a role in this.

Most likely has to with numeric formatting. Its right justifying and expecting alot of digits. Easiest way is to expand the fields

Thanks Chris for the suggestion, however, I went to other workstation and have the same window 10 and it is not giving the same issue. I’m kinda confused right now.

Clear personalizations on the offending screen perhaps. Also, just to compare apples to apples, I’d load the same data

Didn’t @hkeric.wci discover this was related to styling somehow?

Mark W.

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and the desktop scaling is 100% for both workstations?

I found the culprit in the styles… it looks like it is more an Infragistics Bug than Epicor - it affects ReadOnly fields - I can replicate it by creating a BLANK Theme.

Whenever the MaskLiteralChar or the MaskPromptChar have ANY Kind of background color or style be it transparent or red… the readonly numeric fields start cutting off the 0.0000 it doesn’t matter how big or small your font is.

So the fix for me was to edit the Inspired theme and just remove those styles… I think I saw on the Infragistics forum someone mention that it is fixed in the next service release…

I was excited when I saw this back in the days… But Still doesn’t seem to be fixed.

You can download the attached Inspired-Fixed, a bit older… and grab WinMerge Download WinMerge - WinMerge and compare it to the Shipped Epicor .isl one - to see what tweak was made.
Inspired-Patched.isl (31.8 KB)