Send email for asking verify and approval PR / PO

I had tried to create the flow by using BPM via Post-processing. I want the Requestor able to send the email direct to the Dispatcher. But i still no idea how to do.
send email to selected dispatcher.pdf (33.0 KB)

Hi Anis,

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Create standard directives under ReqHead

We have three steps in our company.

Looking at your request, search for your ReqActionID and do the following

And set email template as this

I hope this helps!

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Hi Rhythem @itsme

Got it. Very helpful. Thank you.
First, i had set a template email as below for asking verify PR from head department.

Then, how i can set a condition if PR done approved, then the purchaser will get a email notification about PR status. I mean another email notification for purchaser.

Hi Anis,

Again, same thing.

Create a standard directive at ReqHead.
You can put conditions as ReActionID changed from any to Approved/A and then send email notification.