Service Connect and Custom Fields

When writing a workflow, I’m able to update many fields. However on the UpdateExt method none of the half-dozen or so user defined fields are getting updated.
Looking at the service connect trace on the BO call it doesn’t show any of the data being updated.
The user defined fields do appear in the input/output schemas.

Since the custom fields are on their own tables in Epicor10 does that mean the UpdateExt method can’t access them?

Have you tried to Re-Import the .Net References since the UD fields were added?

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Hello thank you for your reply.

Yes, I have re-imported the .NET references (they are from E10Train in my case) after the fields were added. I also restarted the IIS instance that service connect uses.

The .XLST conversion files show the fields (they all end with _c as is Epicor’s custom field naming convention) and I can set values on them in the conversion files by either dragging fields from input schemas or setting literal values.
My input file is an XML and if I intentionally set the wrong date the workflow errors at BO call telling me I have data not in the date format.

For reference here is a picture of my workflow (which is a sub-workflow):

So my concern is that the BO doesn’t know how to update the custom fields because they are in another table for example: PORel_UD