Service Connect updating un-specified columns

We added two new columns to our JobHead table, completely separate from any Service Connect updates. However when Service Connect runs to update three entirely different fields in JobHead, it completely wipes out the values in the two new columns.

Why is this happening?

We have only the runtime licensing for Service Connect and cannot modify any input/output.

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Hmm… We have an Issue where we try to update a CustomColumn_c in PartRev and it reverts it back to Blank, only ocassionally - I can replicate it only when the Server is cold, then once it fails on one the next 500 work just fine :slight_smile: If I redrop the same failed XML it works…


  1. Do you see this constantly
  2. Is it only Affecting _c columns
  3. We started having it after 10.2.300 Upgrade, how about you?
  4. We only seem to have it when using UpdateExt

The only thing I have found as close to mine was a Problem with SC in Epicors Problem Repo… But I checked the 10.2.400 Change Logs and its not what I thought it was.

Can you Elaborate more on yours, which version, when did it start, did you make sure your Workflows are still connected properly, which Methods? Perhaps show us some logs, workflow screenshots.

I think what is probably happening is these two new columns are showing up in your Service Connect Tables\Data Sets and they need to be mapped\linked throughout the workflow to keep their original data in tact.

So if these fields aren’t mapped throughout the workflow they lose their original data and get cleared out.

As in the example below, the Character01, 02 and Number01, 02 fields are not mapped so the data is not being transferred throughout the workflow and this will result in blank fields for whatever record(s) is being updated.


Heather Marie you are correct!

Turns out the mapping from the two new JobHead fields to the .NET framework workflow was not in place so it caused the two new fields to blank out.

Thanks for everyone’s support and suggestions to rectify this issue!

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Nice @ERPSysAdmin

She read your post better than me, I missed the whole “We added two new columns to our JobHead table” :slight_smile:

Now if she could solve my issue that would be great :smiley:

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What is YOUR issue @hkeric.wci!? Let me take a swing at it! :boxing_glove: LOL!